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Yoga in Sussex

Breathe With Ease create spaces that empower people to find freedom, feel at ease, balance busy lifestyles and create connections between like-minded souls. 


Classes are currently in Eastbourne, Westham and Seaford. In the summer months you will find additional classes in Brighton too. A full weekly yoga schedule including vinyasa and yin styles and men's yoga, including regular workshops and wellness events.

What styles of yoga do I teach?

Did you know there are many different types of yoga? From dynamic vinyasa flows, to gentle and slow yin classes. There is really a class to suit everyone.

I currently teach vinyasa yoga, yin yoga and hatha yoga. 

Why is yoga beneficial to my current lifestyle?

There are so many reasons why someone brings yoga into their lifestyle. Not only for the physical benefits, but for their mental health, emotional health too. Yoga allows you to solely live and breathe in the present moment, allowing us to focus inwardly, minimise outward distraction and build a better mind-body connection. 

No matter your age, gender, or lifestyle yoga can improve focus, reduce feelings of anxiety and stress, increase productivity and increase awareness of your physical body understanding the power of breathwork. 

Yoga can be part of your life, on and off the mat. 

What services do we offer?

Breathe With Ease offers an array of weekly classes, workshops and wellness events throughout the year.

Weekly yoga classes are currently on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday evening, and Friday morning. Available to book either with a one off class pass, or a pricing package. 

Wellness Events and Workshops are advertised on our 'Workshops & Events' tab. Including full moon ceremonies and women's circles, beach yoga, silent disco yoga, day retreats and men's mindset days. Keep an eye on upcoming events. 

"I'm a beginner, what classes are best for me to join?"

How exciting! We'd love to welcome you to a class. As a beginner we'd recommend either:

Monday Slow Flow Vinyasa yoga in Seaford 18:30 (weekly class)

Wednesday Yin yoga with Sound Bath 19:30 (weekly class)

We have a new Intro Offer package - Buy 2 class passes and use within one month. 

Linked on our 'Class Packages' tab

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