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Breathe With Ease create spaces that empower people to find freedom, feel at ease, balance busy lifestyles and create connections between like-minded souls. 


I currently teach in Eastbourne, Stone Cross and Seaford in East Sussex. 

I offer weekly yoga classes, corporate, and private sessions, as well as regular workshops and wellness events.

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What yoga DO I teach

Did you know there are many different types of yoga? From dynamic flows, to gentle and slow yin classes. There is really a class to suit everyone.

I currently teach vinyasa yoga, yin yoga and restorative yoga. My qualification also allows me to teach hatha practices too. 


There are so many reasons as to why someone takes part in yoga. Not only for their physical health, but mindfulness too. 

Yoga offers us a sense of calmness, reducing anxiety and lowering stress levels. Allowing us to quieten down the monkey in our minds and brings us into the present moment.

There are not many times in your daily life where you're not thinking about the future, or forgiving the past. Yoga brings unity between mind, body and breath. 


Asanas (yoga poses) help improves mobility and flexibility, enable us to build strength and elevate tension trapped in the body.


By awakening with the chakra system it can supports digestion, speech, mindfulness etc. 

Yoga can be part of your life, on and off the mat. 

What SERVICES do I offer?

Breathe With Ease offers an array of weekly classes, courses, workshops and wellness events throughout the year.

Weekly yoga classes are currently on a Monday and Wednesday evening, and are available to book with a one of class pass, or a subscription package. 

Current 6 week courses that are running are 'Men's Only Yoga for Sport' which is fully booked. However, if you are interested in the next course do get in touch. 

Wellness Events and Workshops are advertised on our 'Wellness Events' tab. Keep an eye on upcoming events. 

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