Corporate Wellness Workshops

Why offer a yoga class, paddle boarding trip, or team building workshop to your employees?

Working from home or in an office can cause employees to feel de-motivated, deflated, and trapped in their current environment.

Wellness Workshops have proven to support employees mental health, reducing fatigue, and enhancing work productivity. They offer employees a chance de-stress, improve concentration and bring a sense of ease to their busy day.  A chance to step away from the laptop, leaving you and your co-workers refreshed, re-energised and clear-minded.

Yoga and paddle boarding is accessible to all, no matter your shape, size, flexibility and level of experience. Corporate yoga is to continue a work-life balance. 


Check booking options below. 


Offer 1: A one off 60 minute yoga workshop - unlimited attendees - including breathwork, movement and meditation


Offer 2: Block of 4 workshops paid upfront to use within a 6 month period - 60 minute workshops - unlimited attendees - teaching a deeper understanding of yoga physiology and movement - chance to explore more types of yoga, breathwork techniques and meditation

Block of 4 £175

Offer 3: Stand Up Paddle Boarding session max 8 people per group. 90 minutes with full equipment hire.

£360 per group.

Offer 4: Stand Up Paddle Boarding session and a yoga workshop.

90 minute SUP and 60 minute yoga.


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