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What Are My Winter Essentials for Paddle Boarding?

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

As we step away from the summer months it shouldn't stop you from jumping on your paddle board. We are still be blessed with some gorgeous sunny days with still waters and little wind, but what do you wear to keep warm?

Keep reading to discover my winter essentials for paddle boarding, and a hidden discount code too!

1. The perfect wetsuit

One of the most important parts of my kit is my winter wetsuit. I recommend spending a good amount of time and money in a wetsuit that fits well, is comfortable and not too restricting. Water temperatures between 8-10 degrees C you'll be looking at a full length wetsuit, with a thickness of 4.5mm-5mm. However, it is down to personal preference.

Some great websites are:

2. Boots/Socks and Gloves

Matching with a good wetsuit, you'll want to buy some booties and gloves. The worst feeling is being warm in your wetsuit with cold fingers and toes!

I have the neoprene wetsuit boots from Two Bare Feet which I like a lot! I am however going to buy some sock boots too as I find the sole on the boots mean its harder to feel the paddle board underneath my feet.

I have the gloves which I can't paddle without in the coldest months. They have grip on the fingers to help hold the paddle, and good amount of fabric on the wrists to tuck into my wetsuit.

3. Base Layers and Rash Vests

Creating a good foundation right? I always layer up! Under my wetsuit I always wear some sort of base layer or rash vest to trap the heat and prevent my wetsuit from rubbing directly onto the skin. My top base layers are;

- The Zara long sleeve technical top from DVR Sport - these tops are temperature regulating, offer UV protection and are a silky soft touch. Perfect for under the wetsuit.

- The short sleeve Rip Curl rash vest - this top is a good length on the body, offers UV protection, and a lovely fit. I will wear this top in the summer months too.

4. Hoods/Bobble Hat

You can purchase a range of wetsuit hoods in flexible neoprene material. Perfect for swimmers and those that are planning on spending long periods of time in the water. A good example is here. However, the majority of the time I wear any bobble hat I can find as I am not on the water for a considerable amount of time, and not swimming.

My current favourite bobble hat is this beanie from BARTS - It's fleece line headband keeps my head extra warm and I love the design - link here

5. Outdoor Robe

You don't want to be cold after a paddle session! I have a outdoor dry robe from Salty Earth Brighton which is the most cosy, warm and comfortable winter essential. Made from polyester and Sherpa fleece lining, Velcro cuffs and large hood, and full waterproof outer coating. I have been living in it! Large enough to use as a changing robe for pre/post paddle sessions with a full length zip too. I wear a size small.

GUESS WHAT! I have a discount code for you! Buy any robe from Salty Earth and receive 10% off with the code 'BREATHE10' at the checkout! You won't regret it.

6. Coffee cup/food flask

A paddle isn't complete without a warm cup of tea, coffee or food. I have two amazing flasks which I pop into my dry bag when heading off for longer paddle adventures.

My coffee cup/flask - Link Here

My food flask with folding spoon! - Link Here

With all my essentials I am able to continue to enjoy paddle boarding all year round, while continuing to stay warm and safe. Don't forget your safety equipment, including life jacket, repair kit and leash when heading out.

Add any of your own winter essentials to the comments below - I'd love to hear your must haves!

Nicole x


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