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The biggest lessons I’ve learned about self love...

❤️Self-love isn’t about being narcissistic or selfish, it is all about self acceptance.

Here are my lessons I’d love to share

❤️I've stopped finding happiness in a body type. There is NO IDEAL BODY TYPE. Not to forget that the “type” changes every decade! From curves, to skinny, to big bums, to big lips.

Happiness cannot be found only in plastic surgery, weight lose, or bulking.

❤️Live more in the present moment, just a moment each day. Let’s stop the endless pursuit of perfection and look into yourself, seeing and appreciating how far you’ve come.

❤️Daily Gratitude - I’ve learned to mentally or physically write down what I am grateful for. My body, my breathing, my friends, movement. Do this everyday.

❤️Face your negative thoughts. I have assessed if I’m being kind to myself. Is what I think true? Does that negative thought benefit me?

❤️Tighten your social circle. I have way less friends than I had a school. But the friends I surround myself with now are supportive, loving, and love me!!

Loving yourself is found within yourself, inside is what matters.


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