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Let's Talk Periods and Yoga

When Miss Flo arrives, we are never pleased to see her. Normally bringing cramps, bloating & offering an emotional dumb too. However, she can’t stop us arriving on the mat ✨

You may be thinking, can I practice yoga when on my period? Absolutely, you can! Should I add specific asanas to my practice to support my symptoms? Yes, there are ways to reduce moderate pain, abdominal swelling and cramps❤️

Is there anything I should avoid?

I would recommend not to do inversions while menstruating, allow downward flowing energy to do its thing 😌

Also, don’t forget, yoga isn’t about fast flows & getting a sweat on! Sometimes a 60 minute restorative or yin class is what you need. I also sometimes do meditation from bed. Sit up with a hot water bottle and become connected to listening to my body.

Some of my favourite poses while on my period are;

Cobra or Sphinx

  • Cat & Cow

  • Fish Pose

  • Camel pose with modifications (like photo)

  • Childs pose

  • Wide leg supported forward fold

  • Happy body = Happy mind

🩸There is still a large silence on women not talking about periods. However, I believe it is really important to share our experiences & understand that we all go through bad days, spotty faces, cramps & bloating 🩸


Do you practice yoga while on your period?


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