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Fixers campaign with ITV NEWS 

'Sport is very important to me. Knowing that I am pushing myself and working my lungs makes me feel like I am kicking cystic fibrosis’s bum and getting really fit. That makes me happy.' 


Nicole Allen, from Seaford near Brighton, has cystic fibrosis. It’s a rare genetic illness which affects people’s lungs, digestive systems and immune systems.


Nicole’s been told that the average life expectancy for sufferers is just 28.


But despite a medication regime which involves 30 tablets a day and several nebulisers, Nicole, 19, has qualified as a fitness coach and this summer she’s gone to work as an instructor at a Greek island resort.


She is working with Fixers to encourage other young people to appreciate the time they have. 


'I want to promote positivity and encourage people to make the most of what they have in their lives,' she says. 


The charity arranged for her to tell her story on ITV News Meridian (E) on June 8. 


'People always ask me about the life expectancy thing, but I try not to let it bother me.


'I feel like because I haven’t got the time at the end to dawdle around, I’ve got to use the time I have now. I feel I have got to achieve everything and do everything and experience so much in such a short amount of time – so why waste my day?' 

Nicole wants to get her message of positivity out to other young people.


She says: 'I think a lot of people definitely stress unnecessarily over little things and I think 'why are you worrying about silly things when I’ve got way more to worry about?'


Nicole stresses the importance of finding things you want to do that make you happy.


'Life’s too short to stress,' she says.

'You just need to do what’s best for you.' 

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